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A Denver Web Design, SEO & Internet Marketing Company

Our Approach to Growing your Brand Online

A business website is the Internet version of a brick-and-mortar building and is every bit as important. In fact, for many successful businesses, a website is their primary source of revenue, relied upon to attract visitors who will become repeat customers. This representation of your business online needs to be taken seriously, and done by a digital marketing agency so that all the details of your local SEO are addressed. A custom website design by SiteWired Web Solutions visually grabs the visitor with an appearance and layout that entices them to convert into a customer. Every part of the process of developing a stunning Denver business website needs expert attention. The finished website must function seamlessly, turning targeted visitors into customers and having a positive impact on the bottom line.

What to Expect From Your Website   

What to expect from your denver website design
  • Targeted traffic from customers who are likely to increase your lead generation, through our onsite seo strategies.
  • Effectively develop SEO strategies (search engine optimization) that helps you rank higher in your online marketing efforts.
  • Best practices for mobile visitors, with a responsive website. We pride ourselves on making your website look great on any device, automatically.
  • Easy, clear navigation that created a funnel for your brands strategy, and a new logo for your business cards.
  • Modern and clean website development, that keeps your internet marketing strategy in mind through the entire process.
  • Top digital content creation, for a targeted audiences in your niche.
  • A call to action that helps with inbound marketing.
  • A digital marketing strategy that gives your Denver business an actionable plan.
  • Displays of your work that conveys legitimacy, authority, and trust.
  • Top web design practices, from a piece of customized software for your specific business needs.

Strategy and Research - The Critical First Step 

The biggest mistake that can be made when designing a business website is beginning with how the website will look or to just jump into building something, like a Wordpress website. Cookie-cutter website templates are not very effective because someone starts with design elements, instead of thinking about what factors can turn more Denver residents into customers. That's like focusing on interior design before the building's foundation has even been poured.


At SiteWired, expect to have an extensive one-on-one discussion, using our unique discovery process to explore the best way to make your business stand out. Ultimately, we will arrive at a comprehensive, internet marketing strategy for besting your online competition.

Define the Goals. What is the purpose of the website? What are the immediate and long term goals from your marketing solutions? A growing business needs a custom website that can handle increased traffic.

Who are the Customers? We recommend to target audiences beyond gender, age, location, and profession. Drill deeply for information on favorite activities, most-used social networks, and how technically savvy the average customer will be. Information can be obtained from many sources, including internal company resources, online focus groups, surveys, and social network mentions. A lot of valuable (and perhaps surprising) insight can be obtained from questioning current clients or customers. This information should be implemented into the Denver Web Design user experience that will get the right people visiting your site.

Establish a Clear Brand Strategy

Our Web Designers Denver are well-known for their ability to effectively design a logo that highlights both a company's business philosophy and areas of expertise.  A distinct brand is needed to help your company to stand out from the competition. You can also make new business card with this updated logo, giving your business a fresh, new look.

As a branding agency, we will help you develop a content marketing strategy that will show your voice to your customers, and give Google a representation of what you do. This

A Website Must be Mobile-Friendly 

In 2014, the number of people accessing the Internet on mobile devices exceeded the number of people using a desktop computer and that gap continues to grow. At least 80% of all Internet users own a smartphone and use it to research products, find company information such as an address, phone number or business hours, contact the company, make an appointment, sign up for a service, or buy a product.

Denver Responsive Web Design

Any top digital marketing agency knows that mobile users are not as forgiving as desktop users, insisting that a website loads in a few seconds, is easy to navigate, and is glitch-free. If unhappy, they are quick to leave and go to another website. SiteWired designs and develops a custom website specifically to make this mobile experience smooth.

Responsive Web Design is Crucial

Responsive web design is recognized by Google as an industry best practice and helps to raise a website's search engine ranking. Responsive design improves user experience by allowing a website to be viewed from any mobile device with the various design elements working as intended.

If you look at the same website page side-by-side on a desktop and a mobile device, you'll notice differences. Responsive website design adjusts menus and page dimensions to the mobile screen. Image galleries are adjusted so that the size is compatible for the device.

Responsive website design is not just for new websites. Older website development is being seriously handicapped if they do not work well for mobile users and are probably experiencing a continuing decline in traffic. SiteWired Web Solutions can overhaul an existing site so that it will provide a hassle-free experience for all users on any mobile platform. Every glitch or redirect represents a loss of not only today's conversion, but all potential business from that customer.

E-Commerce Websites: Our Passion

Denver Website Design and Development

SiteWired's top web developers have been creating successful e-commerce websites in Denver and elsewhere in the U.S. since 1998. Designing successful, revenue-producing websites for online businesses is our passion. Over the past eighteen years, we have encountered just about every possible challenge for E-commerce websites and developed marketing solutions that help generate sales.

Safety and security are demanded by today's consumers as never before. SiteWired uses customized, PCI-compliant e-commerce solutions that will provide the payment options customers want that also fit your processing capabilities.

At every step of the process, from the initial customer search to checkout, we use tested layouts and proven technology. As a Denver Website Design Company, we recognize the importance of tailoring product descriptions, inventory listings and more to regional tastes. Reports are instantly available. Everything we do is focused on saving your time and increasing your productivity.

Once you're ecommerce site is up and running, SiteWired is a one of the most expirenced ppc agencies in the area, and can help you get a boost out of the gate, by showing up in the ads at the top of the search rankings, via Google adwords.

Traffic and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most common misunderstandings about website traffic is that the goal is a lot of traffic. The truth is that quality is what counts, not quantity. A Denver CO business providing a service to local residents needs to target audiences in the area of people who would be good prospects for that service. A company that markets a product purchased primarily by professional women in the U.S. needs clicks from that demographic. When selecting among the top Web Design Companies Denver, professional-level SEO is essential for getting not just traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

To develop SEO is critical for raising a website's ranking with the search engines and it takes an online marketing expertise to make this happen. Google and the other search engines use algorithms to determine which websites provide the best answers to the user's query. Statistically, the top three organic (unpaid) listings receive about two-thirds of the clicks. Very few people ever look at the listings on the second page of the search engine results. If you want to create powerful lead generation with you website, you need to be on the first page.

SiteWired Web Solutions is a marketing company additionally providing SEO with:

Establishing backlinks from authoritative websites (an important ranking factor);


Thorough keyword research and analysis to provide you with proven marketing solution.

  • Optimizing for local SEO to bring in traffic from Denver CO.
  • Social media integration to increase your inbound marketing.
  • Writing professional, high-quality content creation that makes the most effective use of your website's design.
  • Google AdWords assistance to help with campaigns, as SiteWired is one of the best ppc agencies.

Call to Action Pages

Any business website needs effective call to action pages that result in a visitor performing a specific action, whether that's a product sale, a signup for a newsletter, or something else. Custom website design greatly influences outcomes. For example, the placement of social media icons on the page can dramatically affect visitor participation. It normally takes testing and tinkering to determine what content marketing will work the best on a specific page and where it should be placed. At times, the fix can be as simple as deleting unneeded information that is obscuring the call to action.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

SiteWired feels very confident in the high quality and usability of the content management system that we provide when compared to other Denver Web Design Companies. CMS provides a direct link between your website and your information. We strive to provide the balance between sophistication and ease of use.


Denver Content Management Systems

Our content management system will make it easy for you to:


  • Upload content anytime, including photos, documents, videos, or podcasts for instant integration on the site.
  • Always be up-to-date by easily creating and editing content as well as deleting unwanted information.
  • Make updates to your blog and provide information to customers, such as new products, services, and general industry trends. Regular content writing should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy, and our CMS makes this extremely easy.
  • Maintain consistency in the content throughout the website.
  • Outdated websites lose money. Keeping new customers engaged and encouraging repeat visits are the only ways to stay ahead of the competition in the most competitive marketplace the world has ever seen. Our custom CMS tools will help you to keep your website fresh and competitive.
  • Update your Wordpress websites, and help train you on any elements you may not know how to update.

Take Control of Your Website

When your project is complete our web designers and developers in Denver will make sure you have everything you'll need to manage your businesses new, customized software. SiteWired Web Solutions will provide security for your website, password control, and backups. You can focus on the content writing. Google Analytics makes it easy to track the website's results and to ensure the original goals of the website are being met.

Unique Solutions and a Return on Investment

SiteWired Web Solutions is a marketing agency and one of the top web developers in the Denver CO metro area. We pride ourselves on being developers in Denver who help small businesses get on the web and are totally committed to providing you with a centralized marketing tool—your website—that will save you time and money. Our expert team of programmers and graphic design experts know how to build successful business websites regardless of the size of your business. Our Denver Web Design Company will devote our experience and resources to producing unique solutions that combine eye-catching design and functionality that exceeds expectations. We take your companies success seriously which  

We invite you to examine our portfolio and the unique solutions that our team has produced. We're proud of our work and the marketing expertise we've gained from working with hundreds of local Denver businesses.


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